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T.O.’s Dropped Balls

John Clayton points out that, for all the rightful criticism of Drew Bledsoe and the offensive line, we’re missing just how poorly Terrell Owens has played this year:

One of the things that did help Bledsoe’s cause in keeping his starting job until the second half of Monday night’s 36-22 loss to the Giants was his completion percentage. Bledsoe completed only 53.3 percent of his 169 pass attempts. Part of his downfall was Terrell Owens. Even though Owens creates more single coverage for Terry Glenn and tight end Jason Witten, Bledsoe watched his average drop throwing the ball to T.O. Only 28 of the 56 attempts toward Owens were completed, according to Stats Inc., and only eight of those passes were considered bad throws. He had four drops, including two Monday night. He also slipped on a play against the Giants and was on the ground as the ball sailed by him. Owens keeps talking about how he’s always ready when his number is called, but his stats and play haven’t backed that up this season.

True. He’s a tremendous athlete and I expect he’ll return to form. But these are damning stats.

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