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Emmitt Smith Wins ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Former Dallas Cowboy and NFL rushing leader Emmitt Smith won this year’s “Dancing with the Stars” competition.

Emmitt Smith Wins 'Dancing With the Stars' Photo Emmitt Smith danced off with the mirror ball. The three-time Super Bowl champion, who proved to be as nimble on his feet in the ballroom as on the football field, was named the winner of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” Wednesday night. With the victory came the glittering trophy.

The NFL’s all-time leading rusher beat out actor Mario Lopez. The hunky, dimpled Lopez was generally regarded as the series most dynamic celebrity dancer, but the public’s vote, the deciding factor after the contestants had tied in the judges’ tally at Tuesday’s final dance-off, brought Smith the victory.

“It is awesome! It is awesome!” declared Smith, after hugging his professional dance partner Cheryl Burke. “We came a long way, we really have.”

I don’t care a whit about these type of shows but am a huge Emmitt fan, so I’m happy he won. And this marks yet another victory over the San Francisco 49ers, as Jerry Rice managed to come in only second last year!


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