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Michael Irvin Apologizes for Racial Jokes about Tony Romo

Former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver and now ESPN analyst Michael Irvin has apologized for joking that Tony Romo is so talented he must have some black blood in him.

ESPN broadcaster Michael Irvin apologized on Monday for comments last week which said that Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo’s athletic ability must be the result of an African-American heritage.

“I do want to apologize for those comments,” Irvin said on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio. It was on the Patrick show last week that Irvin made the comments on Romo’s athleticism.

“They were inappropriate and insensitive. My whole thing, what I always try to do, is give people a first-hand knowledge of what it’s like in the locker room and how we as players joke around with one another. This is how I joke around with Romo when we’re playing basketball … certainly, there’s a difference from me the player and me the broadcaster. We may joke around like that in the locker room, and I’m trying to bring them in the locker room. I certainly have to know where to draw the line and certainly I needed to draw the line last week and I did not, so I apologize for that.”

Tony Romo and most of the audience understood that Irvin’s comments were humorous. It’s sad that, forty years after the Civil Rights Act, we’re still so sensitive about race that we can’t have a sense of humor.

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