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#2 USC Loses, BCS Picture in Turmoil

Ohio State is ranked #1. With the loss of #2 USC last night, though, it’s anyone’s guess who they will face in the title game. And ESPN’s Pat Forde isn’t happy about it.

Now that USC has perpetrated the biggest choke in the 2006 college football season … now that UCLA has sucker-punched the status quo … now that the stunner in SoCal has launched the BCS into absolute anarchy … there is only one question to ask: Florida or Michigan?

OK, you could ask one other question: How screwed up is this? What kind of twisted reality reduces a gorgeous regular season to haphazard guesswork at the 11th hour?

But there appears to be no imminent NCAA legislation that’s going to abolish the BCS before its bids are announced, so we’re playing the hand we’re dealt.

Who do you like? Gators or Wolverines?

“Like” is the key word here. It’s not love. It’s not even infatuation. It’s certainly not adamant belief or conviction.

It’s conjecture and nothing more. Who ever decided a national title matchup on a hunch bet?


I’d personally cast a vote in favor of Florida. I agree that a team should win its conference title to play for the national title. I don’t like the idea of putting the best team in America in double jeopardy against an opponent it already has beaten. But if the system spits out Michigan Sunday, who’s to argue other than Urban Meyer?

Indeed, Michigan remained #2 following it’s loss to Ohio State and only dropped because they had a weekend off while USC beat Notre Dame. I’d rather see Florida given the shot, too, for the reasons Forde gives as well as a believe that the SEC is the tougher conference.

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