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Alabama’s Pursuit of Saban Continues

Yesterday, Nick Saban flat-out stated that “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.” This was his fifth denial and the strongest.

Today’s Alabama papers all have headlines that are variants of “Saban Still in Denial.” All indications are that the courtship continues.

Paul Gattis:

Rumors have continued to linger and have become stronger in recent days, with industry sources saying that Saban and Alabama have reached an agreement on a deal. The only hold-up was awaiting the end of the Dolphins’ season, which will be Dec. 31.

It’s believed that Alabama will make one last overture to Saban after the season.

But if there’s a deal, why would there need to be another overture?

Ian Rapoport adds,

It is not clear how Saban’s words will affect Alabama’s pursuit of him. Several times previously, he has denied interest publicly, then sent a message through an intermediary to alert UA Athletics Director Mal Moore of his interest, a source close to the search said.

If, as I expect, Alabama doesn’t land Saban, then this will be yet another in a long line of recent embarrassments for a once-fine program. And, frankly, if Saban does sign, I’m embarrassed for both of them, since they’ll be led by the biggest liar this side of Bill Clinton.

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