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Cowboys New Stadium to Pay Homage to Old One

Mickey Spagnola reports that Jerry Jones will make sure that the Cowboys’ new stadium in Arlington will retain the distinctive features of Texas Stadium while having the most modern features available.

With the Dallas Cowboys ultra-concerned about their present, leading the NFC East by one game with three to play, they will excitedly look into the future Tuesday night, pulling back the curtain on their new stadium.

Cowboys New Stadium Photo Mockup Behind Door No. 1 is a futuristic Dallas Cowboys stadium, one with a retractable roof, retractable end-zone plaza doors and an unprecedented two-sided, 60-yard video screen hanging from the rafters that at the same time will pay homage to the franchise’s rich history and traditions.

Because when the double roof panels slide open, the top of this 80,000-seat capacity stadium will be a replica of the famed Texas Stadium hole in the roof, a landmark recognized worldwide.

The Ring of Honor will be transferred to the new stadium, too, and this time around, 38 years after Texas Stadium was built here in suburban Dallas, the Cowboys will house their history in a franchise Hall of Fame tucked inside the 2.3 million square-foot structure located in Arlington, Texas, just southwest of Ameriquest Field.

This will be the largest NFL venue ever built, spanning twice the distance of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, with a domed roof structure high enough to house the Statue of Liberty.

“As much as the star on the helmet, the historic Super Bowl rings, the National Red Kettle campaign for The Salvation Army kick off, and the great players themselves, Texas stadium is the Dallas Cowboys,” said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who is projecting a stadium cost approaching $1 billion. “It’s a great symbol that has endured over generations of fans – the white roof and the steel that support it, the Ring of Honor.

There’s a whole website devoted to the new digs, including a video of Jones describing his vision.

Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys new stadium. This tour will give you a feel for the enormity of the structure which will seat approximately 80,000 but can be expandable to up to 100,000 for major events, like a Super Bowl, which could be held in the Metroplex as early as February of 2011. The retractable roof stadium will incorporate some of the historical features of Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys for the past 35 years.

It’s going to be exciting.

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As long as the Packers’ jinx in Dallas goes away I don’t care if they play on a patch of dirt with some folding chairs for the fans.

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