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J.D. Drew is Healthy?

According to super-agent Scott Boras, JD Drew is “Healthy”. The AP is reporting:

“J.D. is healthy,” Boras said Wednesday night. “We’ve had noted experts that have demonstrated that he’s without any condition that would effect him over the five years of the contract.”

If that is the case why have the Red Sox not announced anything? Gordon Edes suggests that the team’s silience is due to the trouble the Orioles had with the immortal Xavier Hernandez in 1998

Xavier Hernandez was a relief pitcher and free agent in the winter of 1998. The Orioles announced that they’d signed him to a contract, but made no mention that his signing was contingent on Hernandez passing a physical.

Hernandez flunked his physical — tests showed a partial tear of his rotator cuff — and the Orioles tried to void the deal. Hernandez and his agent filed an appeal, arguing that the Orioles’ public announcement that he had been signed was the equivalent of a signing itself. An arbitrator agreed, and Hernandez was awarded $1.75 million, even though he never threw a pitch for Baltimore.

Despite some of the questionable moves made by Theo this past year, he is no moron. Since he returned from his brief retirement he has taken a very Belicheckian approach to news. He tells us what he wants to tell us and he provides no bulletin board material or somethign else that will get the club in a legal bind. My guess is Theo will say something only when there is a conclusion to this issue, that means (to quote that guy from NBC) “Deal or No Deal”.

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