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JD Drew Update

According to Nick Carfardo of the Boston Globe while the Red Sox and Boras hope to finish this deal soon, there is still nothing to report:

According to Drew’s agent, Scott Boras, his doctors have indicated there’s nothing wrong with Drew’s shoulder. That could be an indication Boras might be balking at revising any of the contract, especially a revision that would take away guaranteed money and replace it with incentives. The Red Sox aren’t placing much stock in second opinions that Drew received because they are only concerned with what they saw in their examination and test results.

As Carfardo points out, the Sox were succesful regarding a similar sitution with Pedro Martinez following the 2004 season. While I am sure the Mets were thrilled with his 2005 season, I doubt the ROI is looking too good now.

Personaly I would love to see the deal fall through. Why a healthy JD Drew is a great player, I just think there are far too many concerns. As I have seen mentioned in other places (sorry could not find them), you could get similar production from Trot Nixon for 25% of the cost.

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