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Kei Igawa and Yankees Agree to Terms

So the deal will be $20 million over four years (with some incentives). With the $26 million posting fee, it brings the total yearly salary to $9.2 million. Igawa could be a solid #3 guy, and at worst, a decent reliever. This, along with his salary being lower than ‘freaking Gil Meche,’ could mean it’s a bargain. I expect his first year to be good, as no one has seen him before.

In comparison, Daisuke Matsuzaka of Boston will be earning at least $17.2 million per year from Boston (and possibly as much as $18.5 million per year! (with incentives)). I also expect 2007 to be a good year for him. It’s the MO of Japanese pitchers. It’s how they do after their first few year that define them.

How sweet would it be if Iggy out-pitches Matsuzaka next year? Or for the whole length of their contracts? Remember the last time the Yanks and Sawx went hard after the same pitcher? He ended up with the Yanks. His name: Jose Contreras…

Will the signing of Iggy motivate trading Randy or Pavano? I wouldn’t mind getting rid of one or both of them.

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