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Kings’ Season Heads to the Deep South

After being embarrassed by one of the worst teams in the league (and their former coach Andy Murray) in St. Louis, the Kings followed it up by laying a goose egg in Nashville. The 7-0 defeat tonight was nothing short of embarrassing and the frustration of the team is beginning to show. It culminated in the Kings’ so-called number one goalie, Dan Cloutier, giving up 6 goals in just over 2 periods, spearing another player, starting a fight and getting ejected (video here).

It was bound to happen at as Cloutier is known to have quite a temper. Fighting is part of hockey and is a integral part of the game, but there is a line drawn when you attempt an act like spearing that serves nothing but to intentionally injure a player. Cloutier need to do something, like stop a puck for instance, but spearing was not it.

It would take a lot of digging and a few beers to find anything positives out of this game other than a high draft pick. The highlight of the game was normally soft-spoken team captain Mattias Norstrom standing up for the younger players on the team who had been subject to repeated runs throughout the game, if anything it’s a teaching tools for the young players of when to take your lumps and when its time to drop gloves and do something about it. As for this seasons its time to pray for a miracle, scout the next year’s draft and hope the young talent that the Kings have in the system develop quickly.

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