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During the Miami Dolphin loss to the Jets last night, ESPN’s Monday night football crew talked about the Dolphins QB situation. At one point the subject came up of why Saban is still playing Harrington over Cleo Lemon.

Someone in the booth said it was because Miami invested a 6th round pick in Harrington.

Whomever said it doesn’t know the recent Dolphin history at the QB position. For in reality Miami has more draft picks invested in Cleo Lemon than in Joey Harrington.

In 2004 Miami traded a 2nd round pick to Philadelphia for AJ Feeley. Three years earlier the Eagles had used a 5th round pick to select the QB in the NFL draft.

If anyone wants to see how dismal Feeley’s time in Miami was, click here.

Feely was still on the roster for 2005 in spite of his horrid play. That was till October of that year when Miami traded Feely to San Diego for Cleo Lemon. To get the Chargers to take Feely, Miami gave away a 6th round pick.

I shook my head in amazement over what Miami did when they dumped Feely. Why didn’t the team just keep the bum till the end of 2005 and just release him? Was a QB who hasn’t played a down in the NFL worth a 6th round pick?

In reality Miami has invested both a 2nd and 6th round pick in Lemon compared to just a 6th for Harrington. Throw in the 2nd round pick given away for Culpepper, and do you wonder why Miami is 6-9 right now?

Lemon is ok as a 3rd string backup, that is all. After this season Lemon becomes a free agent. So I have to wonder what Miami plans to give away next in their futile search for a QB.

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