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There’s more to the story about what happened late Saturday night at the hallowed Madison Square Garden in New York than meets the eye. Sports fanatics (like myself), tend to take what happened at face value. However, being a resident of the greater New York metropolitan area and also being a lifelong Knickerbockers fan, I must intercede on behalf of all the suffering fans waiting patiently for a glimmer of hope at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

Let’s examine the facts. Less than a minute to go in another boring affair, with the Knicks getting blown out, yet again on their home court, Nuggets coach and Isiah Thomas hater, George Karl, leaves his star players on the court up by over 20 points. A little retribution for his buddy Larry Brown? A bashing of the hated Thomas? Or just a “who cares” attitude by Karl? Whatever the answer, he had no business allowing one of the three best players in the game stay on the court, despite the game being over with a minute to go. Thomas, for his failings, seemed to warn or threaten Carmelo Anthony to stay away from what turned out to be Pistons-Pacers lite.

In the end, suspensions and fines abound, the NBA suffering another perverbial black eye, and both teams attempting to do damage control over something that should have never happened in the first place. Karl is wrong and his team’s owner should take him to the woodshed for allowing Anthony to miss 20% of the season, not to mention the fines and what inevitably will be empty seats in Denver. Thomas, hated amongst most of the league, is not much better. He seemed to incite the fallout Saturday and trumped that “no one pushes us around in our house”. Funny, as a fan, I’m waiting to see this “team” pull together and play solid defense. The Knicks, the once storied franchise, are a mere 5-10 at home — at the squared circle — Madison Square Garden. Play like a team, then act like one.

We are all hopeful, Knicks and NBA fans alike, that this is the last in the theatrics we will see this year and we can get back to the kind of play we all enjoyed when Magic, Bird, Jordan and the like played back when basketball was fun.

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