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Terrell Owens Playing with Torn Tendon on Right Hand

Tacked at the end of a story about how Terrell Owens may or may not have spit on Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall last night:

Almost lost in the incident was the fact he will have to undergo surgery on his right ring finger after the season to repair a torn tendon. Owens said he tore the tendon a month ago and decided three weeks ago against having the surgery.

Owens would have been lost for the season if he’d had the surgery. Owens elected to play with the finger taped up. “That was a big decision, a real decision, nothing iffy about it,” owner/general manager Jerry Jones said. “Every expert we had said if he never got it fixed, he would never use it again, in terms of bending the end of the finger. He stayed with the team.”

For the last few weeks, Owens has practiced and played with the finger taped. And during his birthday party on Dec. 4, Owens partied with his finger taped.

This might explain all the dropped balls this year.

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