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Tony Romo Better than Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach?

A fan asks Dallas beat writer Mickey Spagnola to compare Tony Romo to Cowboys quarterbacks of the past. The results are rather surprising:

Bryan Hunter, Allen, Texas: If you take Tony Romo’s current stats and factor them out over 16 games, what do you get, and how would his numbers compare with those of Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach?

Mickey: Now that’s a great idea. OK, to be fair to Romo, here is what I’ll do. I’ll add up the Pro Bowl quarterback’s stats for only his eight starts, then factor them out over a 16-game season. Here’s what it comes to: 334 of 498 (67 percent), 4,356 yards, 26 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. That would be a QB rating of 101.1. So, that would be the second-highest single-season rating in club history, only Roger Staubach’s 104.8 in 1971 better. The 334 completions would tie Danny White’s club record set in 1983. The completion percentage would be second to Troy Aikman’s club record of 69.1 set in 1993. The yards gain would crush Danny White’s club record of 3,980 set in 1983. And the 26 touchdowns would rank fourth behind Danny White’s 29 in 1983, White’s 28 in 1980 and Staubach’s 27 in his final year of 1979. Pretty spectacular, I would say.

Of course, the rules are a lot more offense friendly than in Staubach’s or White’s days–and even Aikman’s. Still, there’s no denying that Romo is off to an impressive start through his first eight games. I’d like to see a few more years of it, though, before putting him up in the Ring of Honor, let alone putting him ahead of any of those guys.

I think it’s safe to say, though, that Romo is the best quarterback the Cowboys have had since Aikman retired. Quincy Carter, Drew Bledsoe, and Vinny Testaverde all had some good games but nothing like this level of consistency.

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Last I checked, you can NOT pin a Cowboys loss on Troy, or any other Q.B. that made it to the playoffs. Plain and simple Romo choked and it cost the TEAM a chance to advance in the playoffs. Maybe good old Tony should think that he is not as good as he thinkds he is and remember that here is a team that is out here as well. If not then GO BACK TO GOLF!!!!!!!!

Posted by Clesson Blair | January 7, 2007 | 03:26 am | Permalink

Just wanted to take a moment to THANK Tony Romo for bringing PASSION back to Cowboys Football! Not since Roger & Troy has the QB position had such SPARK & PIZAZZ!
With all the good that came from just a Brief Run this Season -IMAGINE the Success that lies ahead. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH,TONY – cuz the SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!


Posted by Paul Bolt | January 13, 2007 | 09:00 pm | Permalink

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