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Turn Off “Jacked Up!”

ESPN taking over Monday Night Football hasn’t brought with it drastic, annoying changes. It’s not like MTV took over and turned it into a reality show. What change that did occur has been a focus on football. There’s no T.O.-Nicollete Sheridan towel incident, and there’s no Hank Williams, Jr. asking me if “I’m ready for some football.” I watch MNF for the game, not to take part in a pop culture experience.

But goofiness isn’t gone. There is an annoyance. My thoughts go back to halftime. Tom Jackson is a good football analyst. He offers plenty of perspective as a former player while not sounding like a full-of-it ex-player (I’m looking at you Michael Irvin). But what’s with his “Jacked Up!” segment? I like watching big hits, but I don’t need to hear the rest of the ESPN halftime crew chanting “JACKED UP!” They sound like drunks at a sports bar. Keep the segment’s name, keep the close ups of the bone-crunching hits, just get rid the caveman chanting.

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Focus on football? How about the lame celebrity-in-the-booth feature every game?

And I also hate the “Jacked-Up” [I won't make the obvious joke] segment. My big problem with it is that the hits are never that great. They shouldn’t even make the ESPN highlight reel for that particular game, let alone a segment that celebrates big hits.

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