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Clemens Leaning Towards Return

The Rocket is leaning toward pitching in 2007, but he’s in no rush to make a decision.
“I think it is more than 50/50 that Roger will play in 2007, but for a shortened season,” Randy Hendricks, one of Clemens’ agents, told the Houston Chronicle. “As I said, it will be for the Astros, Red Sox or Yankees. I don’t think any team is really ahead. Obviously, Houston has the home-field advantage.”

Looks like Roger Clemens is leaning towards one more season, or two more, or three more…

Anyway, The Rocket is either going to play for one of three teams: Astros, Yankees, or Red Sox. Clemens will probably make his decision later rather than sooner. I don’t believe any of these three teams is going to stress over his decision. They will allow Clemens the time he needs and then try to win him over. There really is no favorite. I believe Clemens will decide in June and either decide to stay close to home in Houston or play for the team that he believes will give him the best chance to win a World Series.

I personally hope this is the last season he pulls this waiting game off. I’m just glad none of the teams are waiting on him this time around.

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