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Bears arrive in Miami

No, Yogi and Boo Boo aren’t taking a vacation on South Beach, but rather we’re discussing this news.

MIAMI – Touchdown, Bears. The NFC champions arrived by charter plane to begin Super Bowl preparations, beating AFC champion Indianapolis to Miami by more than 24 hours.

With the game still six days away, the Colts have plenty of time to catch up. But Bears coach Lovie Smith was glad to be the first team in town, especially when a balmy breeze greeted him as he stepped off the plane Sunday.

“We left Chicago in the 20s with snow, and got a chance to come down here with sunshine and in the 70s. So we’re off to a good start,” Smith said. “I wanted to get down here as soon as possible. Up in Chicago we couldn’t practice right now out on the grass, so this is perfect for us.”

The Bears’ first workout at the University of Miami was scheduled for Monday. The Colts were to land Monday night, and the Pro Football Writers Association lodged a complaint about the team’s late arrival.

The PFWA needs a life. By arriving late, the Colts have done television viewers a favor. There will be one less day of Cliche ridden semi-coherent answers given by the Players in response to the dumb and often repetitive questions asked by the press in the run up to next Sunday’s game. Does anyone expect any real news(barring injury) to come out of the Colts or Bears camp between now and gametime?

Note- I got to thank AP and or Yahoo News headline writers for supplying me wisecrack material. Just one last question- Did Ranger Smith stay behind at Jellystone Park?

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