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CalTech Basketball Wins A Game

I know its shocking, but CalTech has a basketball team and judging by this story they are better at winning Nobel Prizes than basketball games.

The Beavers finally won — their first NCAA basketball victory since 1996.

However, here’s another hard number: They still have a string of conference defeats dating back almost 22 years.

Coach Roy Dow and his squad of brainy — as opposed to brawny — Beavers beat Bard College of New York 81-52 on Saturday night, ending a mathematically improbable run of 207 consecutive NCAA Division III losses.

The win also was Caltech’s first in 60 games overall, including non-NCAA foes.

With a 1-207 record in their last 208 NCAA contests, the Beavers next hope to end an even longer losing streak, 245 consecutive defeats in Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference play going back almost 22 years. They haven’t begun league play yet this season.

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