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Brian Wilmer, one of the writers of the Writer’s Radio network and friend of OTB Sports, discussed in the live net cast of the radio show the Cowboys coach search. In particular Brian pointed to this article.

This year Jones interviewed Cowboys secondary coach Todd Bowles, an African-American, in what some are calling simply a cursory interview before talking to his favored candidates, Norv Turner and Wade Phillips. Pro Football Talk is speculating that the league could change the rule to force teams to interview at least one minority candidate from outside the organization.

Combine that with today’s report in The Dallas Morning News that the Cowboys have no African-Americans in their front office hierarchy, and it’s hard to avoid the feeling that this could become a significant problem for Jones. Of course, there’s one way he could put any controversy to rest: Hire Bowles as the Cowboys’ next head coach.

While no doubt Michael David Smith of AOL sports probably means well, his suggestion that the Cowboys should hire Todd Bowles on the basis of race is just as discriminatory as not hiring Todd Bowles on the basis of race. The comments section at least notes the inherent discrimination of Smith’s suggestion.

These writer’s who spend too much time dreaming up grievances are not doing their job. Their job is to cover sports. Not the hiring practices of various sports franchises. Are those legitimate lines of inquiry? Sure, for the news section, or the Op-Ed page. The Sports pages were once about the nature of the games not the nature of society. They should be again.

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