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Cowboys Coaching Search: Hiring Staff Before Head Coach?

Nick Eatman has an interesting report from Valley Ranch on the hiring process Jerry Jones is using to replace Bill Parcells and other vacancies on the staff. There are many interesting names on the list, including former Cowboys backup quarterback Jason Garrett.

What’s worrisome, however, is that it appears Jones may hire a new offensive and defensive coordinators before bringing in a head coach. Eatman describes secondary coach Todd Bowles as “one of the leading candidates for the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator position” and thinks Garrett could be offered the offensive coordinator position, possibly as a placeholder until he is picked as the head coach.

Bowles and Garrett may well be outstanding choices. But it makes no sense to pick the staff until the head man is in place. The head coach should have absolute authority in hiring the people who will work for him. If, for example, Mike Martz is hired, he may well want to be his own offensive coordinator.

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This morning on ESPN Radio they mentioned something about the Cowboys only being given till Thursday (today) to reach a deal with Garrett, which led into hiring him as a position to be named later to keep him in play for the head job.

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