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Cowboys Denied Access to Fisher

The facetious “Cowboys Head Coaching List” just had one name removed, Jeff Fisher.

Take Jeff Fisher’s name out of the speculation on who might replace Bill Parcells with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Tennessee Titans have Fisher under contract for 2007 after owner Bud Adams picked up an option on his coach, and the team is working on a long-term extension.

“We haven’t been contacted by Dallas,” chief executive officer Steve Underwood said in a statement Tuesday. “In the event that we were, there are no circumstances that we would grant permission to the Cowboys to speak with Coach Fisher.”

With the resignation of Bill Cowher from Pittsburgh on Jan. 5, Fisher is the NFL’s longest tenured coach with one team. He has spent 12 full seasons with the Titans, a tenure that started with six games in 1994 coaching the then-Houston Oilers with a 110-97 record.

Everyone thought this was a long shot when the rumor first arose as Jeff Fisher is currently one of the longest tenured coach in the NFL and has enjoyed great success from Tennessee and the Titans organization.

The question is being raised though, who will be the Cowboys next head coach?

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The question is being raised though, who will be the Cowboys next head coach?

Jerry Jones should just name himself coach and get it over with. Hey, if Ted Turner could do it…

Posted by Mark | January 23, 2007 | 03:48 pm | Permalink

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