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‘Hand of God’ No Goal, 20 Years Too Late

While Diego Maradona admitted cheating in 2002 in his autobiography over the ‘Hand of God’goal in the 1986 World Cup (and later justified it as a response to England’s victory in the Falklands War) has gone one lately to lay the blame on the referees. Rightly so too, granted Maradona shouldn’t have cheated, but the referees should of done their job and called him on it. Well the linesman in that game has finally stepped up to the task of throwing the referee under the bus:

THE linesman when Maradona scored his infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal against England in 1986 has claimed it should NEVER have been allowed.

Bulgarian Bogdan Dotchev also launched an attack on the Tunisian referee, branding him “an idiot more fit to herd camels in the desert than take charge of a World Cup game”.

Dotchev broke his 20-year silence after ref Ali Bin Nasser last week blamed him for not signalling the handball. But Dotchev insisted: “A European referee would never recognise the validity of such a goal.

“European refs take charge of at least one or two important games per month and are used to big-match pressure. “What is there for Bin Nasser to referee in the desert where there is nothing but camels?”

Of course he shifts blame from himself when he was equally incompetent, but hey he got to the press first. I’m sure calling the guy a camel herder will go over real well too.

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