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Kurtzer and more …

I knew about the fledgling Israel Baseball League; I did not know that Dan Duquette was involved.

The other big name involved in the league is Dan Kurtzer, formerly U.S. Ambassador to Egypt and Israel (as well as Dean of students at Yeshiva University.)

The Israel Baseball League website has links to a number of background articles about its founding. There’s also a Bible and baseball contest that allows entrants to win souveneir prizes from the league. (It would not be enough to submit “In the big inning …” as an entry.)

One of the rotating links at the side of the website brings you to Jewish Major Leaguers, that, among other things, has produced a set of baseball cards of Jewish ballplayers.

I guess I’ll have to root for my brother’s home team Bet Shemesh Blue Sox.

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