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Mavs’ Johnson Tricks Duncan and Spurs

According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Mavericks coach Avery Johnson used deception to throw Spurs star Tim Duncan off his game last Friday night in a 90-85 Mavericks win.

In the fourth quarter, the Mavericks bench would yell “Double” “Double” every time Duncan would get the ball but they would never double team the All-Star. The idea was to get Duncan thinking a double team was coming and slow down his movement with the ball or make him more likely to pass to another player. The tactic seemed to work. The Spurs only scored 16 points in the fourth period. Maybe the Mavericks should not cover him next game and yell “Single” “Single” instead. Here is a list of other words that can be yelled at Spurs’ players.

In homage to Brent Barry’s father’s free throw shooting style the bench could yell “Granny” “Granny” whenever Barry gets the ball.

In the playoffs, when Robert Horry is shooting a three the Mavericks need to yell “Preseason” “Preseason”

To Manu Ginobili – “Bald Spot” “Bald Spot”

To Michael Finley – “Finals” “Finals”

To Oberto – “Shower” “Shower”

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