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Mulder Close to Decision?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Mark Mulder’s agent, Gregg Clifton, could speak with the Cardinals as soon as Thursday, giving them a chance to re-sign the left-hander, who is considering offers from Texas and Cleveland.
The Rangers and the Indians have reportedly offered Mulder two-year deals. The Cardinals made a one-year offer with an option before Christmas.

“We’ve kept the Cardinals in the mix every step of the way and this is kind of stepping up, heating up in the last week,” Clifton told the Post-Dispatch. “Mark would like to make a decision, but we wanted to wait for the Cardinals.”

The deals from Texas and Cleveland are believed to guarantee Mulder, who’s coming off rotator-cuff surgery, about what he made in 2006, about $7.75 million, and they are laced with incentives, reports the Post-Dispatch.

If the salary numbers are true then this could end up as a horrible deal or a stroke of genius. If Mulder returns to form and posts a 12-7, 11-7, heck even a 10-8 record this could be a bargain. But if he goes 4-5 or gets injured again then this is a big bust.

Any deal for Mulder will most likely be for 2 years, allowing the signing team the possibility of a healthy Mulder for an entire season. Whoever lands Mulder will land a good pitcher in my opinion. I think he can return to form and hit the free agent market in 2 years and command big bucks!

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