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Mulder to Decide in 48 Hours

According to the Dallas Mornining News, Mulder has all the information about the three teams still in the running: Texas, Cleveland, and St. Louis. He plans to decide where he will play within the next 48 hours.

Mulder’s agent, Gregg Clifton, said all three clubs have offered similar two-year, incentive-laden contracts that could be potentially worth around $18 million.

“It’s not about money now because the offers are basically the same,” Clifton told the newspaper. “Mark has to make a baseball decision. There are many different factors he has to consider, and he wants to take his time and think it through.”

I personally think this puts Texas out of the running. Mulder is making a baseball decision, not a money decision. That is why I think he will kick Texas off his list. Texas offers him the worst ballpark to pitch in of the three teams and the worst chance of the three teams to make it to the playoffs.

Cleveland is looking to be a great destination. Their park leans slighty towards a pitcher’s park but some would consider it neutral and Cleveland has a great offense and an incredible rotation. They also have a tough division that will be up for grabs by 4 teams.

St. Louis is another great pick. He’s fimiliar with the team, city, and coaches. The park is smaller than that of Cleveland’s but the defense behind him is slightly better. St. Louis’ offense is also good but not as good as Clevelands. He would also get to stay in the National League if he chooses St. Louis. That would eliminate the DH from the lineup.

I would chose Cleveland myself. They offer him the best chance of rotaion protection and their offense is young and explosive. Not to mention that the defense is better with the addition if Josh Barfield at 2B. We have 48 hours to wait on a decision, but if I were a Texas fan I wouldn’t bet any money on this.

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