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Parcells: Stay or Go But Do it Now

Jean-Jacques Taylor says Bill Parcells should decide today that he is coming back for another year as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys or owner Jerry Jones should fire him and get on with it.

The Senior Bowl practices begin next week. That’s when teams really start the process of evaluating potential draft picks. For now, the Cowboys will head to the Senior Bowl not knowing whether they need players who fit Parcells’ schemes or some other coach’s.

At this rate, if Parcells does quit, the Cowboys will be selecting the seventh coach in franchise history from a group of left-over candidates instead of having their choice.

And we haven’t even discussed how Parcells’ indecision affects the current staff. Zimmer and David Lee already have left. Bruce DeHaven is talking to Seattle. Soon, running backs coach Anthony Lynn will be contractually free to negotiate with other teams.

No matter what you think about them, it’s not easy putting a staff together these days because of the NFL’s strict rules governing assistants under contract. The idea is to put together a staff that you have carefully selected – not a group of guys who are available because they weren’t retained by someone else.

This has gone on long enough. It’s time for Jerry to demand an answer.


I’m inclined to agree.

Frankly, Parcells’ tenure with the Cowboys has been a bust. He has bought most of the groceries and, given the price he’s paid for them, they aren’t very good. And the prima donna act is getting very, very old considering that the team hasn’t managed to win a single playoff game in the four years he’s been here. Meanwhile, his former offensive coordinator, Sean Payton, has the former laughing stock Saints in the NFC Championship game his first season, using a lot of players cut by his old boss.

Parcells hasn’t earned the right to come back, let alone put the team’s future in jeopardy while he mulls it over.

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