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Ron Springs and Everson Walls

ESPN’s Greg Garber has a long conversation with former Dallas Cowboy teammates Ron Springs and Everson Walls about the lasting bonds that form on the fields of friendly strife. It’s enough to make two middle aged macho men talk about their “love” for one another. And for one to give the other a kidney.

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Dear Mr. Ron Springs,

I hope this email gets to you because I was really sad when I found out you were sick. I don’t know if you remember or not but back in 1999 you and Tony Dorsett had lunch with me and my brother at the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. I don’t remember alot about it because I was only 3 years old but my dad showed me the pictures and the football you signed for me and I remembered a little. It was the pictures and the story my dad told me about you that inspired me to be a football player. I hope you are doing better and after you get your new kidney you will be well enough to write me back. I think you are a great man and because of you I don’t give up either I try as hard as I can and think of you when I feel like stopping.

Take care Mr. Springs,

Craig Oliver

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Mr. Springs,

I just read about your illness and the loss of a limb. I wish someone, from NIKKEN, had contacted you before the amputation. I cannot give any guarantees, nor does the company. I only know there are numerous people through out the country that have been helped. Many still have diabetes, but live a much better life. Sugar levels are controlled, blood pressure lower, even to the level of no longer taking BP medicine. Diabetes is not the only challenge that has been addressed by this company.

Another reason I was drawn to your story is my Grandfather lost his right leg, not to diabetes, but to a logging accident. I was adopted by my Grandparents. The pain he endured even after the leg was amputated was a nightmare. Many nights I went to work with him to help, slept on a sofa in one of the offices, went home in time too bathe and go to school. This company did not exist in 1969 when he past away. I do not know your personal situation, but can emphasize with you.

I would only ask that you go on the web to check out this company. Look at the products, the strength of this debt free 32 year old company; in 40 Countries, helping people.

I would like to email or fax information to you about the results of others who have diabetes.

Please seek out the company on the web and then contact me!



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