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Schilling to Pitch in 2008

Curt Schilling’s run at the Senate will be put on hold, since his family gave him the go ahead to pitch in 2008

“My wife and kids want me to continue to play, which was the only reason I was retiring in the first place … they talked me into it and I felt it was a decision that I wanted to make to continue to play, so [2007] will not be my last season,” Schilling told the sports-radio station. “I was convinced and my family was abiding by that decision [to retire], and they talked me out of it, so I will be playing in 2008.”

Schilling, who is signed through the upcoming season, also said on WEEI that he is hopeful that a deal with the Red Sox can be worked out before Spring Training.

The best news about this situation is that if things do not work out with Boston, we will not see Curt in pinstripes

Schilling said he would not follow the path of former teammate Randy Johnson and head to New York and pitch for the Yankees after this season.

“Where I’m going to play beyond 2007? I hope it’s Boston, but I will go out and find a home to pitch,” he said. “I hope it’s here, but there’s also that possibility [of pitching elsewhere]. It would not be to New York.”

Curt seems to understand his place in Red Sox history a little better than Johnny Damon. I do not fault Johnny for taking a “job” that pays him more money. All of us normal people would do the same thing if we had the opportunity (most likely for significantly less money). What Johnny did not seem to understand, right or wrong, that by going to the Yankees his Red Sox legacy has been diminished.

The other problem Curt would would be if he is serious about running for the US senate. He is going to have a hard enough time running as a Rebuplican in Massachusetts. Imagine if he was a Republican wearing pinstripes? Good luck

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