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Super Bowl post of Lists

Of the 80 teams that have competed in the Super Bowl since its inception which has been best; which worst? ESPN has the answer. All 80 teams are ranked here ( or in detail starting at 61-80).

From my youth I remember the excitement of the Colts beating the Cowboys in Super Bowl V. But here’s what ESPN writes about that Colts team.

The least memorable Super Bowl champ of all time, the Colts earned that distinction: They lost four fumbles and threw three interceptions and still won the game. Of course, the Cowboys tossed three picks of their own and committed 10 penalties (seriously, these Super Bowls from the early ’70s are unwatchable when you see them pop up on TV).

As I recall the MVP of that game was actually a Cowboy.

As far as relevance to this year’s Super Bowl, you might be interested in knowing that the 1985 Chicago Bears were #2.

The Super Bowl website ranks the top 10 Super Bowls of all time. Is it significant that two of them were won in the final seconds on kicks by Adam Vinatieri? The only appearance of the Colts on this list is the loss to the Jets in Super Bowl III that was ranked as the fourth best of all time.

And what about indivicual performances? Well ESPN ranked those too. The only two names on the list of the top 10 performers that aren’t so well known are Timmy Smith and Rod Martin. (OK those are the names I’m least familiar with.) Maybe it’s a hometown bias but it’s disappointing that Ray Lewis’s performance in Super Bowl XXXV only ranked an honorable mention.

But did you know that half of the Super Bowl audience actually cares more about the commercials than about the game? At least that’s what Dave Durian said this morning. So what would a list of lists be without one ranking the best Super Bowl commercials? How about two lists of the best commercials?

ESPN has a list of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. And it notes that the famous Mean Joe Green Coke commercial did not originally air during the Super Bowl so it doesn’t count. Bummer.

But who wants a list of a mere 10 commercials? How about a lists of every single Super Bowl commercial going back until 1998? And the ability to view them? Including the greatest ones of all time? (In this case including the Mean Joe Green commercial.) Well if you’d rather watch commercial than the Super Bowl then is the site for you. The site is filled with videos of the commercials as well as relevant news items. The commercials are arranged by year. Watch. Enjoy.

UPDATE: MSNBC has the 10 worst Super Bowl Commercials and why they failed. And their own 10 best and why the worked.

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