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The Power Debate: Mavs or Suns

The great debate is not who will win the Super Bowl, whether McGwire and Rose belong in the Hall of Fame, or if Beckham will awaken soccer in the U.S. The great debate is who has the better team? Mavs or Suns. I do not have the time or statistical juggling ability to determine objectively, so I will let you check the experts and their power (rankings.) What exactly makes these rankings powerful? Anyways, here is what the experts are saying.

Marc Stein (ESPN) using the force- Mavs

John Hollinger (ESPN) using statistics- Suns

Steve Kerr (Yahoo) using ex player cache - Mavs

Eddie Johnson (Hoops Hype) using the question: what team would I like to play for? – Suns

Tony Meija (Sportsline) using Fonzi’s cool - Mavs

Marty Burns (SI) using mega-media conglomerate strength - Mavs

Knickerblogger (Courtside Times) using OTTER - Mavs

Sam Blake Hofstetter (NBCsports) using the magic of Bud Collins’ ties – Suns

Bill Simmons (ESPN) using Tivo - Suns

What do you say? Be sure to list your power source.

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