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T.O. Having Second Surgery on Finger

T.O. will need a second round of surgery to repair his right ring finger, reports Clarence Hill Jr.

Terrell Owens will undergo a second surgery in the next six to eight weeks to repair a torn tendon in his right ring finger, according to a source. This surgery, the second phase of a two-part process that began when Owens had surgery Jan. 11 in Miami, will reattach Owens’ torn tendon to his finger tip. Owens said last week that he would be ready for training camp, though his availability for a possible minicamp at the end of May could be in doubt.

Presuming he’s back with the Cowboys next year, which is looking to be the case, I hope this means he’ll quit dropping so many passes.

Now, if they could just do some surgery to get him to keep his mouth shut . . . .

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