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Wade Phillips Top Choice to Replace Parcells?

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, speaking on a video embedded in this story about Bill Parcells’ slow decision as to whether to return, says Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not panicking over the timing because San Diego defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is his top choice.

Wade Freakin’ Phillips?!

The man has had four NFL head coaching jobs, including two interim stints, going back to 1985:

    Saints (Interim) 1985
    Broncos 1993-94
    Bills 1998-2000
    Falcons (Interim) 2003

Guess how many of those teams he took to the Super Bowl. If you guessed Zero, you were right.

Now, guess how many playoff wins he had? If you guessed Zero again, pat yourself on the back.

He has a career coaching record of 48-39 and is 0-3 in the playoffs.

Wade Freakin’ Phillips?!

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How about Barry Switzer, since you’re at the bottom of the barrel.

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