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Where There’s Smoke, There is Fire – Steelers hire Tomlin as new Head Coach

Mike Tomlin is the new head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers have informed Mike Tomlin, the Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator, that he will be their next head coach. The team plans a news conference to announce his hiring.

The sides were negotiating a contract tonight for four years and an option year.

As the article says, this continues the Steelers hiring trend of picking young assistant coaches to take over their head coaching vacancies – at least, as much of a trend as the Steelers can have, really. It is going to be really strange to see someone other than Cowher coaching this team – and especially someone like Tomlin, who has no physical similarities to Cowher whatsoever. I wish him the best in continuing the Steeler tradition of having true, lengthy coaching eras.

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