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2007 NBA Thug Convention

I am surprised any city wants an NBA team, especially after this weekend’s All-Star Game:

Violence marred post-NBA All-Star Game partying as shootings left three people in critical condition and stamped an ugly footnote on what should have been a time of celebration.
Police arrested 362 people during the All-Star Game weekend as scattered fights broke out along the main casino strip early Monday even though police had braced themselves for the post-celebratory mayhem.
Police also had extra officers to control rowdy crowds at the Las Vegas airport where thousands of weary NBA fans missed their flights Monday.
Montoya said four people were shot in two separate shootings and a manhunt was on for one of the gunmen who shot three people outside the Minxx nightclub.
A manager, security guard and female customer were all in critical condition Monday, he said.
Another man was shot in the hip at 4 a.m. in the front entrance of the luxury MGM Grand Hotel and Casino early Monday. It was followed by a brawl less than half an hour later in a club at the Wynn hotel.
Montoya said even though the Minxx victims were shot outside in the parking lot, police believe the shooter had the gun inside the club earlier in the evening.

You can hardly make it a week without an NBA player having some run in with the cops. It’s a joke on most sports stations about NBA players can’t act like gentlemen and the Gentlemen’s Club or how they can’t go anywhere with out their guns. It’s so bad David Stern is more of a baby sitter than a Commissioner, his job consist of telling grown men to watch their language, dress nice and leave their guns at home. Now its not to say that the NBA is the only league with player problems (just look at the Cincinnati Bengals), but the NBA markets its players so when those players screw up it hurts the league marketing image. The NBA needs to get smart and tough, to save its image while it still can.

Oh and Kobe was the MVP.

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I have always said the NBA is nothing more than the “crips” and “bloods” with a lot more money.
Would not watch the final game of the NBA Championship if they played it in my den.
Why anyone would take a family and sit close to the court is beyond me.

Posted by Eneils Bailey | February 21, 2007 | 04:34 am | Permalink

Please, take your sanctimonious high horse act elsewhere. There was more violence and more than double the arrests over the New Year’s eve weekend in Vegas than there was over the NBA all star weekend.

Yet where was the press coverage and the outrage then? Was it because the majority of the crime committed in Vegas that weekend was by the Nevada residents themselves? This is yet another case of the media trying to portray the mostly all black NBA as a group of “thugs”.

Posted by Get over yourself | March 9, 2007 | 04:46 pm | Permalink

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