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Danelo’s Brother: “I don’t believe that’s what happened.”

Reacting to Monday’s autopsy report, Joey Danelo, brother of Mario Danelo believes the police ruled out foul play too quickly. ESPN has the story:

Mario Danelo’s brother isn’t convinced the Southern California kicker fell to his death last month, despite the findings of law enforcement.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office said in an autopsy report released Monday that Danelo was legally drunk at the time of his death but couldn’t reach other conclusions.

“Nobody knows what happened to him that night,” Joey Danelo told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Tuesday. “I don’t believe that he fell from the top of that cliff — no way. That’s just my personal opinion. I don’t believe that’s what happened.

Suspicion with police reports are nothing new. Whenever a young person dies unexpectedly or under unusual circumstances, finding out exactly what happened is always paramount. Unfortunately, discovering that without witnesses or much forensic evidence will prove very difficult.

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