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Happy 90th Dominic

Today is Dominic Dimaggio’s 90th birthday. The youngest of 11 kids, and the oldest member of the famed Teammates gets to celebrate a very bittersweet birthday.

“I’m that last one of the 11,” Dominic said from his Florida home last week. “We all must go. I luckily survived. Not much fun, though, I’ll tell you that. But I’ve had truly a fabulous life. I have no complaints.”

Regarding his credentials for the Hall of Fame:

“You wouldn’t believe the mail I get,” he said. “When these people write, almost all of them insert the fact that ‘you should be in the Hall of Fame.’ At my age, it just doesn’t matter. I would rather they give it to a younger person who could enjoy it. That would be much better.

I for one hope he gets a serious look one day. While I loved the contribution that Trot made and hopefully JD will be worth the investment, I think the Sox should retire #7 for one of the true Red Sox legends.

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Happy birthday DOM…And many more!
Nice place here…Peter N Peter’s Red Sox forever

Posted by Peter N. | February 12, 2007 | 09:04 am | Permalink

Happy birthday DOM!!!

Posted by Peter N. | February 12, 2007 | 09:05 am | Permalink

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