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Investment Banker Assists Mavericks At The Line

The Mavericks are the only NBA team to use a free throw shooting coach. Gary Boren, an investment banker from Dallas, has helped, with a nod to deceased hoops coach Denny Price, the Mavs maintain a steady success rate at the free throw line. This year, the Mavericks are shooting close to 80 percent from the line.

I thought this quote was telling.

“What’s amazing is, these guys have seen miles of film running up and down the court and the coaches are yelling at them, but not one in a hundred has been filmed standing still shooting a free throw,” Boren said.

I can attest to this as a college player whose coach would fast forward the videotape through the free throw sequences.

We make fun of all of the Mavericks assistant coaches but in this case you cannot argue with the results.

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