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Johnny Damon Still Loves the Sox

He just can’t get over them letting him go. Let’s go to the quoted text:

Damon, now in his second spring with the Yankees, believes the Red Sox had the money to sign him, they just decided he wasn’t worth it.

“I knew they had the money back when they were negotiating with me; they just took their stance,” Damon said. “I was probably the only guy who never begged them to sign me.”

In Damon’s mind, he had done everything possible to earn a new deal from the Red Sox, who offered him four years and $40 million. If they didn’t want to give him one, he would find what he wanted elsewhere.

That it was the Yankees who gave it to him was simply a bonus.

“They had a chance for a month and a half after the season, but when they don’t talk to you or offer you a contract in that time, it tells you they don’t want you,” Damon said. “That’s fine with me. I wasn’t going to be in a situation where they didn’t want me. I think they just looked at it as, ‘Johnny loves it here.’ It was great, but this suits me a lot better. I’m a happier person because of it.”

Damon was offered a deal by the Red Sox, which he rejected, because he felt the offer was lacking. Rather than moving on from the split, he continues to talk about how he was surprised that they wouldn’t up their offer to keep him, Johnny Damon. Why he continues to discuss a year old deal mystifies, and while the Yankees did get the better of the deal last year, how does it strike Yankee fans that the team’s starting centerfielder is pining for his old club and unable to get over their decision to move on?

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