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VY to the Pro Bowl

Bevo Sports reports: Vince Young to the Pro Bowl.

Yet more salt in the wounds of Houston Texan fans, I guess.

At any rate, VY is getting in because Philip Rivers is hurt and is bowing out and Steve McNair declined the invitation to allow Vince the slot (so reports

The protege is going to the Pro Bowl because of his mentor. Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Vince Young has been named to the AFC Pro Bowl squad as an alternate because Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair, his close friend, opted to let the rookie go in his place.

McNair was the second alternate quarterback up, but contacted Young, the third alternate, and decided to pass up his fourth Pro Bowl appearance.

The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year takes injured San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers’ spot after Tom Brady decided to withdraw to play in the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am golf tournament.

Granted, it took Rivers’ injury, Brady’s withdrawal and McNair’s graciousness to get Vince to Hawaii, but it’s still pretty cool for a rookie who only started part of the season.

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