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Braves Manager Bobby Cox to Retire After Next Season?

AJC’s Jeff Schultz gets a remarkably candid interview from Braves manager Bobby Cox, who says he’s about ready to call it a career.

After a 47-year career that has taken him from player to the front office and eventually back to his true home, the dugout, Bobby Cox can finally see something coming: the end.

When asked jokingly Saturday if he would manage for 10 more seasons, Cox laughed and told the Journal-Constitution, “Not many more. This year and next year, and that’s it.”

It was as emphatic a statement as Cox has ever made about his future. Retirement is a topic he generally keeps blurry, by design.

Cox maintained he could change his mind, but it almost came off as an obligatory qualifier — and ran counter to comments in an otherwise remarkably candid interview.

“I’d like to start doing the things I need to do instead of the things I want to do — like manage,” Cox said. “I don’t need to manage — I want to manage.

“I still love it. I feel great. I want to do this year and next year, and then probably hang it up.

“I haven’t really told anybody this. But it’s what I’m thinking. We might win the World Series this year and next year. But I’m pretty much convinced, that’s it.”

As a Braves fan, I hope he feels too energized to quit when the time to make that decision rolls around. He’s certainly earned that ride off into the sunset, though.

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