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Brewers Roster Projection

Since we’re halfway through March, I thought I would take a minute to project the Opening Day roster for the Brewers, for both MLB fans and fantasy players alike.

All But Locks (22)

    Ben Sheets
    Chris Capuano
    Jeff Suppan
    David Bush
    Claudio Vargas
    Francisco Cordero
    Derrick Turnbow
    Matt Wise
    Jose Capellan
    Brian Shouse

    Johnny Estrada
    Damian Miller

    Prince Fielder
    Rickie Weeks
    JJ Hardy
    Tony Graffy
    Craig Counsell

    Geoff Jenkins
    Bill Hall
    Corey Hart
    Kevin Mench/Brady Clark
    Gabe Gross

I still feel very strongly Mench will be traded before April 1st, as the need for RH power is a common one. I took a glance at AL rosters looking for something else the other day, and Mench would be an upgrade on the 25 man roster for almost every one of them. His salary is not prohibitive either, especially in today’s market, though teams like MIN may hesitate to add a $3M reserve/platoon player. If he is not, and there are no injuries, I suppose the possibility exists that Gross could be sent down for a while (as the only reserve with options left), but I doubt it.

Near locks (1)

    Greg Aquino

Hope you didn’t stop after the “all but locks” and go make a sandwich, thinking the next section would be lengthy. Greg’s a solid middle man, and fits the Melvin mold as hard throwing and inexpensive relief help. No options left for Greg, so he’s close to a lock.

Favored (2)

    Carlos Villanueva
    Vinny Rottino

Carlos seems to be the braintrust’s choice to take the final pitching spot. Honestly, he probably deserves it, though I’d prefer he start every 5th day in Nashville, at least until someone falters or is banged up.

Vinny is a near perfect choice for the 25th man, he hits decently, can (and has) play anywhere on the diamond, and let’s face it, he’s scrappy, an undrafted free agent signed after a tryout or a tryout camp, who has had to prove himself at every level.

{Quite refreshing actually, especially when you consider guys like Dave Krynzel get every opportunity and still can’t figure out how not to suck at AAA.}

Unless the team chooses to go with Braun as the starting 3B (extremely unlikely), or 6 OF’s, the in-house choice right now would be Rottino.


    Ryan Braun
    Mike Rivera
    JD Closser

    Ben Hendrickson
    Grant Balfour
    Dennis Sarfate
    Chris Spurling

Spurling is the only one who has pitched well enough to be considered, granted, in a tiny sample. Both veteran catchers, Balfour, and Ben H are out of options. If an OF is dealt, look for one of these to be packaged with them. Closser could make it through, and Balfour could, especially if he’s not ready to pitch. Rivera would almost surely be claimed, as would Hendrickson.

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