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Jake the Snake to Peace Corps?

While the retirement of Jake Plummer was subject of rumors, he officially announced he is retiring on his website. As to the rest of his life, it looks like he may head off to the Peace Corps.

The Denver Broncos quarterback won’t yield the fourth- round pick the team acquired in a trade Friday with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Instead, he’ll embark on a future probably filled with extensive travel, quality time with his serious girlfriend and charitable work, maybe even the Peace Corps in retirement.

The decision might appear stunning on the surface, but those close to the quarterback, a 136-game starter in his decade in the NFL, hardly were surprised.

Plummer has been mentioning he wanted to embark on another path in his life for awhile.

No one wanted to directly confirm Plummer’s plans, but a source close to the player confirmed they indeed were true.

Of course this could all be a ploy to get traded to a differnet team, but I doubt it. Its an interesting thing when a player retires with out the crying press conference or drug out of the league kicking and screaming. By all accounts Plummer never realyl liked bying a star. At the end of the season he would pack up and head off to his cabin in Idaho not to be heard from until he had to be back. For some reason I’ve always liked Plummer and pulled for him, since I saw him in his Arizona State days and in the Rose Bowl. I’m not bothered in the least by him wanting to move on and pursue something that intrests him more, so I would wish him nothing but the best in the future.

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