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LSU Women’s Basketball Coach Resigns

LSU women’s basketball coach Pokey Chatman has resigned from her role prior to the NCAA Tournament citing she would be a distracting to the team from this point on.

A day after she announced she would resign after the NCAA tournament, Chatman said Thursday she was leaving the team immediately.

“There’s been 20 to 25 things that are just floating out there, and I think she thought if she just stepped away from it she could eliminate that from even multiplying,” Starkey said. “She has her reasons, and hopefully, soon she’ll address that herself.”

The Times-Picayune of New Orleans reported on its Web site Thursday that the resignation was prompted by the school’s discovery of alleged inappropriate conduct between the 37-year-old Chatman and one or more players. Later, reported LSU had found out about an alleged improper sexual relationship between Chatman and a former player.

Dan Patrick made an interesting point about the issue that if it had been a male coach and a men’s team would this be a bigger story. It would have been a bigger deal on a men’s team with a men’s coach. The stereotype especially of female softball and basketball players is that they are all lesbians anyways; as a result many people just stereotypically expect it in women’s sports. So when something like this happens the common response becomes “Well who didn’t see THAT coming.” With men’s sports one is far more apt to apply the stereotype that they are manly men and homosexual behavior between coach and player just isn’t supposed to happen because of it.

There should be more outrage over this, but not because it involves alleged homosexual activity. It should be because she is a coach and by default a mentor to these players, as a result many of these players look up to her, and she should not be developing a sexual relationships with any players. Regardless if it is any combination of player and coach sex, the coach is in the wrong and there should be outrage over the abuse of their position. She should be punished severely and never allowed to coach again.

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