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MNF Trades Theismann for Jaworski

ESPN’s Monday Night Football is swapping Joe Theismann for Ron Jaworski.

ESPN is changing quarterbacks.

Joe Theismann will no longer be part of the network’s Monday Night Football booth and will be replaced by Ron Jaworski, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

“This new lineup will enhance our presentation of Monday Night Football our most important property,” Norby Williamson, ESPN’s executive vice president for studio and remote production, said Monday. “Ron has covered the NFL from many different perspectives, and he is totally tied into the issues and trends from around the league.”

Theismann, a former Washington Redskins quarterback, will be offered another analyst job with the network, Williamson said.

Both men were NFC East quarterbacks in my early days as a fan. Theismann was arguably the better QB; certainly, he’s in the Hall of Fame and Jaworski isn’t. But Theismann is one awful television presence, whereas Jaworksi is a joy. (And that’s not just anti-Redskin bias on the part of a Cowboys fan. John Riggins is as good as they come, for example.)

Some disagree with the move. Deadspin, for example:

I’m not upset if it’s true that Joe Theismann’s no longer a part of the Monday Night Football booth, and if it’s true that Jaws is in, that’s good news too. But the problem in the booth was not Joe Theismann. The problem was named Kornheiser, and trying to fix the MNF broadcast team by cutting Theismann is like trying to fix the Dallas Cowboys chemistry problems by cutting Terry Glenn

Heh. I’m clearly in the minority in thinking Kornheiser is fine. I think the MNF telecast generally sucks but it’s not Kornheiser’s fault but rather a decision by the production team to treat it like the fracking Olympics, emphasizing everything but the game itself.

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