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Steinbrenner’s heir up in the air

From Pete Abraham -

The question of who takes control of the Yankees when George Steinbrenner steps down or passes away has been reopened.

Steinbrenner’s son-in-law and designated successor, Steve Swindal, has been sued for divorce. Jennifer Steinbrenner filed papers in the Hillsborough County Circuit Court’s family law department on Tuesday. She cited “irreconcilable differences.”

The divorce proceedings came 40 days after Swindal was arrested for driving under the influence and speeding in an unsavory section of St. Petersburg. Swindal is expected to lose his position as general partner.

Steinbrenner’s two sons, Hank and Hal, have not previously exhibited much interest in the operation of the team. Hank Steinbrenner is a senior vice president and general partner and Hal Steinbrenner a general partner. But both have spent more time at Legends Field this spring, particularly in the wake of Swindal’s arrest.

Another son-in-law, Felix Lopez, is a senior vice president of the team.

This is a significant development for fans. Once Steinbrenner dies, it is unclear whether his family would retain control of the team or sell it.

Stay tuned.

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