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Tom Brady, Shawn Kemp of the NFL

Less than a month ago it came out that Tom Brady got Bridget Moynahan pregnant. Well know according to a Brazillian verison of the New York Post, Tom Brady may have gotten Gisele Bundchen Pregnant.

If a Brazilian web site is to be believed, Tom Brady has done it again. As recounted by the Boston Globe, the web site says Bundchen is “no more than two months pregnant, but may already have told select friends and family.” It’s good to know she can trust those select friends and family members to keep their mouths shut.

Deadspin suspects that Brady missed some high school health classes. You would think Brady would be a little smarter about taking steps to avoid fathering mutipule kids out of wedlock. In fact at this pace he should father an entire team in just about 2 years.

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