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10 Worst Sports Movies of All Time (VIDEO)

Neil at Parlayer ranks the 10 worst sports movies of all time, including short video clips from each proving how bad they are.

The bottom 9:

    10. Rocky V
    9. Juwanna Mann
    8. Air Bud: 7th Inning Stretch
    7. The Big Green
    6. Like Mike
    5. The Next Karate Kid
    4. Pride
    3. Gridiron Gang
    2. Caddyshack II

He provides detailed explanations at the link and they’re worth taking a look at.

And the winner (or is that loser?) for worst movie of all time…

1. Drumline Wow, a guy from B2K (looks like this has been updated a lot lately) as the film’s star. That’s always a great omen for a sports film (I know, this is a real stretch for a sports film, but it’s so bad it deserves this status). But seriously, who’s on deck for the lead in Drumline 2? Drew Lachey? I bet you can’t guess what happens after the violence in the scene above. Believe it or not, the arrogant prodigy drummer (Nick Cannon) gets kicked off the team, eventually makes amends, comes back as a team player, and they all live happily ever after. I bet you never could’ve seen that coming. Personally, I would’ve preferred an alternate ending, where Cannon’s misfortunes cause him to drive around after killing a half bottle of vodka with a loaded gun and a machete, until he’s eventually pulled over by cops and tazered to the ground. Maurice Clarett could even play the lead.

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Drumline is not a sports movie, it is about a band. And it is not that bad, actually.

I suggest we replace it with a real stinker of a sports movie: Eddie.

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