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1st round pick Ted Ginn Jr to possibly miss three months

The Miami Dolphins’ first round pick is already smelling like a disaster to me.

DAVIE — Dolphins first-round pick Ted Ginn Jr. acknowledged today he will spend at least the next month in a protective boot. The right foot sprain he suffered in January reportedly could keep him out a total of three months.

Dolphins General Manager Randy Mueller, through a spokesman, said the team doesn’t yet know its plan for Ginn’s recovery. However, it seems unlikely the Dolphins would spend the ninth overall pick on an injured player known for his speed and not have a rehab schedule laid out ahead of time. reported late Saturday night that Ginn would be in a boot for six weeks and then face another six weeks of rehab. That timetable wouldn’t put Ginn at full strength until right before training camp in late July.

However, Ginn said he expects to be back much sooner.


Ginn was hurt in the celebration following the touchdown he scored on the opening kickoff of the BCS Championship Game for Ohio State on Jan. 8 against Florida.

A sprained foot suffered over three months ago and it still isn’t healed. Ginn still needs another three months to be recovered.

When adding this injury to Ginn’s questionable skills as a wide receiver, you can’t help smelling another draft disater in the making for the Dolphins. Last year’s #1 has yet to start a game and we’re talking about a Defensive back.

Oh and Coach Cameron’s statement from yesterday makes you seriously think the coach drafted Ginn just because he knew the player’s family.

Cameron’s relationship with Ginn dates back nearly a decade. Ginn’s father, Ted Sr., is head coach at Glenville High School in Cleveland, and Cameron met a 13-year-old Ted Jr. while recruiting as head coach at Indiana.

“We drafted the Ginn family,” Cameron said. “Ted Ginn and his family will give us everything they have.”

What is this family crap? When is the last time a player’s father scored a touchdown? Somebody tell me!

I’m already longing for the return of Nick Saban. Miami drafted two running backs in the draft. Yes the team could use a FB but they also need a TE, defensive help and alot more before drafting two running backs. Either Cameron is a complete idiot or Ricky Williams is not coming back in 2007. If Williams isn’t coming back, then Cameron is only half an idiot. Miami drafted one more back than they needed.

At least Miami hasn’t traded for Trent Green. Considering the moves of the last few days, I expect Miami to make that idiotic move also.

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