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CBS leaves the LPGA Ginn Club Open for a suspended play PGA Tour event

I really don’t get it. If an event is not being played, why not stay with the sportscast that is still going? CBS spent three hours this afternoon either talking about last week’s Masters, the rain delay or rebroadcasting the 2006 Verizon Heritage Classic. Why not broadcast the end of the Ginn Club instead?

The only reason I can see for what CBS did is there being some contractual obligations with adverrtisers. Then my question is- How do ratings compare between a taped broadcast from a year earlier and a women’s tournament being played live. Has anyone studied it?

This week wasn’t an annomaly either. Last month The Golf Channel didn’t show a Monday finish to a LPGA event, when they had broadcast the tournament every other day. Whereas a few weeks earlier TGC did broadcast the Monday finish of this PGA Tournament.

The LPGA gets no respect from the media. With an idiot for Commissioner to boot, Ladies professional golf in the USA could be on the road to extinction.

Brittany Lincicome came from behind to win the Ginn Club. What a finish, Lorena Ochoa and Laura Davies shooting a combined 12 over par in windy conditions. Brittany shot even par to win by one.

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